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Entrepreneurs are strong and determined.

Add our network of business resources – and they're unstoppable.

Whether you're the head boss in charge of an established company or the driving force behind a new start-up, ECDI Women's Business Centers provide the resources you need to take your company – and yourself – to the next level.

Explore resources below, based on your business phase or view a menu. A wide range of services are provided at no cost to any entrepreneur, while select services require WBC membership. Learn more:

Explore resources by business phase:


Start Up

From turning an idea into a business plan through the first two-to-three years after launch, we've got you covered.


Stay Up

For businesses that are two to three years past launch, find resources to help shore up operations and grow.


Scale Up

When your established business is ready to grow or expand, we've got the resources you need to plan for future sustainability and take off.

Resources for the entire lifecycle of your business 


One-on-One Counseling and Advising

If you need assistance with your business plan, want to learn about applying for a loan, need impartial business advice, or need help with a specific business area, the WBC staff and our network of business advisors are ready to help.

Learn more.

Limited sessions are available for any entrepreneur. WBC members have the capability to schedule ongoing sessions.


Access to Small Business Loan Capital 

Entrepreneurs can access a range of loan funds through the WBC and ECDI. You do not have to be an experienced borrower or have a top-tier credit score. We are dedicated to serving those entrepreneurs who generally are unsuccessful leveraging traditional lenders. 

Learn more.


Loan Preparation and Other Assistance for ECDI Clients

For entrepreneurs who are applying for a loan or who hold a loan with ECDI, the Women’s Business Centers provide entrepreneurial assistance and small business resources. From business planning, to one-on-one loan readiness counseling, to next-level workshops for established entrepreneurs, we are your go-to resource.

Learn more.

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Empower is a free program to equip you with the training and tools to amp up your online presence and connect with the right customers. The virtual, nine-week program is created by GoDaddy and facilitated by ECDI and the WBC, and can be self-guided with regular check-ins, or done with an instructor.

Learn more.


Business Plan Development

You know your business inside and out. But knowing how to put it on paper can be a hurdle. We offer assistance – from consultation sessions to the 9-week DreamBuilder business plan development program – to help document your goals and develop a plan that gives you a greater chance of success and long-term sustainability.


Learn more.


Various Online and On-Demand Resources

For tech-savvy entrepreneurs who prefer to learn at their own pace or just need a template to help get their plans on paper, we offer a range of online resources, videos, templates and more. For safety during pandemic restrictions, classes and consultations are accessed online or by appointment.

Learn more.


Workshops, Education and Training

Gain knowledge your business needs with entrepreneur training on a diverse range of topics including business basics, marketing, HR, financial, legal and more, delivered by real-world business owners and experienced professionals.

See schedule of upcoming classes.


Professional Advisory Network (PAN)

The PAN brings entrepreneurs together with seasoned pros who can help them reach the next level. The network includes business owners, Fortune 500 execs, and other brilliant minds who span a diverse range of business areas and provide specialized mentoring. 


Learn more.

Access to the PAN is a membership benefit of the WBCs.


ECDI Food Fort

ECDI Food Fort is an industrial-sized facility offering all the physical resources a restaurant or food-based business needs, along with training, services and access to capital.​ Whether you're just starting up, expanding your existing business or looking for a more cost-effective way to operate, Food Fort helps you reduce your costs and minimize your risk, over taking on the expense of your own facility.

Learn more.


Digital Connect

This program is designed for business owners who were impacted by COVID and need to improve how they connect with customers online in our newly more-digital environment. You’ll learn how to maximize your website and social media presence and have access to resources to help you get it done.

Learn more.

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Minority Contractor Resource Center

This ECDI program enables growth for African American- and other minority-owned construction contracting businesses by eliminating barriers on the path to growth.


Learn more.


Assistance with Certifications

Certifications such as Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) can open your business to more opportunities and bigger contracts. WBC hosts pre-certification workshops and can connect you with a local organization where you can be certified for no cost.


View resource.

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Veteran LLC video library

From just getting started in the civilian business world, to being the commander of a company, the Veteran LLC | Leadership, Learning and Capital for Military Entrepreneurs video library walks you through the steps.

Learn more.


Legal Advice Clinics and Other Business Area Programs

WBC offers direct access to professionals in specialized business areas, such as legal and HR.


View events calendar.


Refugee Microenterprise Program

The Ohio Refugee Microenterprise Program helps refugee entrepreneurs gain financial independence through small business loans through ECDI, combined with business and financial coaching from the WBCs.


Visit ECDI’s site to learn more or inquire about a loan.

Explore our menu of entrepreneur resources:

Business Phase

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