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ECDI Client Assistance

ECDI Clients, we are your go-to resource for small business assistance

For small business owners (women, men or other) – the Women's Business Centers (WBCs) are here to increase your rate of success.

ECDI’s Educate-Invest-Innovate model focuses on growing entrepreneurs as individuals. The WBCs provide a hub for holistic entrepreneur education including training, mentoring and resources.


From business plan development to succession planning, we cover your entire business lifecycle. And most services are offered at no cost (with occasional resources requiring a low-cost WBC membership).


From loan readiness preparation, through loan payoff and beyond, be sure to keep the WBC on your contact list.


We encourage you to explore the WBC website to learn more about the wealth of resources you have available to you! The most frequent needs for ECDI clients are detailed below. Jump to services.


Note: While some of our offerings are female-centric, we are welcoming and dedicated to helping any small business entrepreneur – women, men or any gender – succeed.

"My business would not exist without ECDI and the Women's Business Centers. I’ve squeezed every service out of the organization that I can, and they’ve lovingly given to me. I've gotten help with financial, HR and legal matters in addition to funding. I cannot overstate how foundational my relationship is to ECDI."


Michelle Allen

Mmelo Boutique Confections


WBC Services for ECDI Clients

Frequently needed services

ECDI clients have access to the full range of Women's Business Center services and are eligible for WBC membership. Following are frequent needs:

One-on-one technical assistance
When questions come up and you need advice, we are here. We’ll review a lease agreement, give you a referral for an accountant, review your financial projections – or help you through any number of needs that come up in the life of an entrepreneur. Contact us for assistance.


Business plan development programs
Any business that’s been in operation for less than two years must submit a written business plan with their ECDI loan application. Whether you have a great plan and you simply need a review, or you don’t even know where to start, look to us for help. Learn more.


Initiate Prosperity courses and virtual resource library
Tech-savvy entrepreneurs can self-guide in the Initiate platform to find instructional videos and articles, useful templates for topics from financial projections to digital marketing plans, and more.


Entrepreneurs who prefer one-on-one guidance can find course programs, or may be referred to a resource by their WBC mentor.


Professional Advisory Network
The PAN brings entrepreneurs together with seasoned pros who can help them reach the next level. The network includes business owners, Fortune 500 execs, and other brilliant minds who span a diverse range of business areas and provide specialized mentoring. Learn more.


Workshops and training
Gain knowledge your business needs with entrepreneur training on a diverse range of topics including business basics, marketing, HR, financial, legal and more. See schedule of upcoming classes.


Credit counseling and financial literacy

ECDI and the WBCs of Ohio proudly serve entrepreneurs who have been underserved by the traditional lending system. If you don’t have a business relationship with a conventional bank or lender, we offer advice and support with the goal of helping you join the financial mainstream.


Legal clinics and other business-area help
WBC offers direct access to professionals in specialized business areas, such as legal and HR. To see ongoing opportunities, view events calendar.

ECDI Client Services

Explore WBC Membership Benefits

 For ongoing access to personalized services and resources, explore WBC membership:

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Contact WBC of Northern Ohio



Contact WBC of Greater Cincinnati



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