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ECDI/ WBC Orientation Checklist 

To review orientation session

Homework checklist

​To begin your ECDI loan application, complete these steps. 

  1. Complete your ECDI Client Profile ​​​​​​

  2. Complete Business Model Canvas

    • Save file as "Your Name_Orientation Date you Attended"

  3.  Email Business Model Canvas to your Orientation Instructor:

  4. Review necessary pre-loan requirements

Additional services 

Please Contact our industry specific advisors for:

Resource Videos 

Start-up business checklist

  1. Understand and apply for any necessary permits view OH license guide

  2. Register your business with the Ohio Secretary of State

  3. File for an employer identification number (EIN) with the IRS

  4. Understand tax requirements - view short explainer video and visit OH business services website

  5. Establish your recordkeeping and control systems - view guide

  6. Open a business bank account

  7. Acquire business insurance

  8. Complete your business plan

How can we best help you?

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