WBC Staff

Patty Tumen, Vice President of the Women's Business Center

Ms. Tumen has been employed with ECDI for the past 5.5 years serving in different capacities including event planning, fundraising and program management. As Vice President of the Women’s Business Center, Ms. Tumen is inspired to draw from her 14 years of previous experiences in entrepreneurship to help provide resources and assistance to entrepreneurs seeking services through ECDI. In her current role, Ms. Tumen is responsible for development of program goals and new initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization especially as it relates to women and business education. She is responsible for assuring that documentation and reporting needs are met and she assists with budgeting, fundraising, and grant writing to insure that funding continues and is utilized effectively. She also manages day to day staff activities, problem solves and serves as a liaison with community partners. 

Ellen Harvey, Director of The Women's Business Center, Columbus

Building on nearly twenty years of experience in working with small businesses, Ellen Harvey began work with the Economic & Community Development Institute in January 2010. With experience based in lending and entrepreneurship, she has a passion for assisting others as they pursue their dreams of owning and growing their business. Under her watch as the Director, the Women's Business Center of Ohio has made contributions to over 300 WBC clients in areas such as business development, expansion, financial assistance, and significant job creation. Her experience and success throughout her career have also led her to serve as a point of contact for the Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership."

Carrie Rosenfelt, Executive Director of Women's Business Center of Northern Ohio