WBC Staff

Ramona Mills, Director of the Women's Business Center, Columbus

Ramona Mills is an entrepreneur in practice and at heart, lending versatility, motivation, and strategic vision in her work. Ramona joined ECDI’s Women’s Business Center with over 20 years’ experience in leadership, project management, marketing, and communications; providing a comprehensive skill set that translates into observable business impacts. Balancing both strategic and tactical approaches, Ramona has become a trusted thought-partner as well as producer of tangible outcomes across non-profit, government, and corporate sectors.

Ella Frye, Director of the Women's Business Center, Cincinnati
Jan Conrad, Director of Women's Business Center of Northern Ohio

Jan Conrad is the Director of the Women’s Business Center in Cleveland. Before coming to ECDI in 2015, she was the Community Resources Program Director and Founding Leader of CareerSource Brevard, a program designed to help alleviate unemployment caused by the dislocation of aerospace workers. In doing this, she became intimately familiar with how to help individuals start or expand their businesses, and the unique challenges LMI and underserved populations face in becoming entrepreneurs.Furthermore, Jan is no stranger to adversity – born and raised in a rural Amish community, she was not expected to go to college, and was told that “women don’t need degrees.” However, through her intense drive, she was able to leave the community and pursue the career paths she found meaningful, and eventually obtain her degree. Jan’s appetite for success in pursuit of her goals has enabled to her to be an immense aid to the individuals she serves. Jan brings an intensive understanding of the confidence gap and other unique issues faced by women in business.

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